Strategic HR

Everyone needs a partner and someone to help them bring out the best in their organizations, even senior leaders.  Strategic HR consulting services drive and improve organizational results by aligning people practices with the business needs, improving leadership skills and increasing executive team effectiveness.

HR4D Consulting can help both new and existing leaders, partnering with them as they set people strategy to support business objectives, build employee skills, improve transparency and generate buy-in.  These services can be part of a one-time project or provided through an ongoing relationship.

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Operations Effectiveness

HR4D Consulting will work with you to deliver on the operations effectiveness you need in order to contribute to the organization.  This includes defining objectives, aligning stakeholders' expectations and managing the scope of large people initiatives. It also includes assisting in process improvement initiatives, and completing an HR function review to ensure the best use of your resources.

We can act as your partner, help provide direction on the HR objectives, identify sequencing and dependencies, supplement your team's capacity and develop your staff for long-term sustainability.

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Coaching is a confidential partnership focused on identifying and achieving your goals, building great leadership skills and accelerating your development. My job is to listen intently, ask powerful questions, hold up the mirror, share direct feedback, and provide structure and accountability. Coaching will build your emotional intelligence and increase your effectiveness and fulfillment.  We will be partners in your journey.  HR4D Consulting provides executive coaching (sponsored by your organization) as well as individual coaching.  360 assessment facilitation is also available.  A free sample session is available upon request.

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Since 2012

​​​​HR4D Consulting works with business leaders to build high-performing organizations. We help leaders turn strategic business plans into results that differentiate their business in the market. We know HR and have deep experience in completing these kinds of activities in multiple organizations.  We are focused on getting the work done right.

Next Steps...

Our services and arrangements must be uniquely defined to match your organizational needs.  Successful engagements require good chemistry and working relationships between the consultant and you.  We invite you to contact us for an initial interview with no commitment or cost to you.