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HR4D's new executive integration success program prepares the new leader to adjust fully to their new role, the organization and meet the highly anticipated expectations of the person/people who hired him/her.  The interview process likely determined if they have the requisite technical skills for the role. The onboarding process ensures all the administrative tasks to get the person situated in their new role are completed.  The integration process helps them with the very important social and cultural components of the new position. Building trusted relationships, understanding expectations, learning cultural norms and laying the groundwork for future success are critical components.

Benefits of this program:

  1. Get it right the first time!  Hiring an unsuccessful executive is costly and something most organizations don’t want to do twice.  (Nearly 50% of executive new hires fail within the first 18 months (source: Corporate Leadership Council)).  Just a few of the issues that can arise if the executive you hire does not integrate well:
    • Cost of having to spend time dealing with the issues that arise from the under-performance
    • Potential retention issues for the staff being led by this new executive
    • Needing to recruit again which costs time and more money
  2. Invest for success.  Many executives don’t have many experiences coming to a new organization and even fewer joining an organization as an executive.  They would welcome having this kind of investment and support.
  3. Increase retention of existing staff.  Getting buy-in from the people around the executive is critical to the long-term success of the organization and if not done right may impact employee retention and engagement at a broader level.  Even in a turnaround situation, the executive won’t be able to replace everyone. Make sure the focus for the new executive is on adding positive value.
  4. Set a positive path forward.  Getting to a productive, contributing relationship with a new executive as quickly as possible is important for the organization to move forward.  This approach accelerates their integration and is critical to their trajectory with the organization.

Full package includes the following:

  • Coach meeting with hiring manager for clarity on expectations for new executive
  • 180-day framework with agreed upon goals
  • Delivery of 100 day plan to manager
  • Informal feedback gathering after 100 days
  • Delivery of 100 day report to manager
  • 360-degree feedback after 6 months
  • Confidential executive coaching along the way
  • Reporting on coaching success

Next Steps...

Multiple packages exist.  All will improve the quality and speed of integration success! Contact us today to get started.