A 360 degree assessment (360) is a powerful way for an employee to gain insight into how they are doing, check the accuracy of their perceptions and assist in identifying specific areas for an employee’s development plan.  360’s are online assessment tools used to gain multiple perspectives to provide insight on skills and competencies of an employee.  Perspectives sought include the employee, the manager, peers, and direct reports (if applicable). It may also include other leadership and customers as appropriate.

A 360 process starts with ensuring the following:

  • The reason the 360 process is being conducted and who will be participating. 360’s can be completed for one participant or a group of participants.
  • The goals for engaging in the 360 process.
  • Trust and openness about the feedback is present for the participants as well as in the organization.

Next Steps...

HR4D Consulting is certified in using the Benchmarks 360 Assessment Suite by the Center for Creative Leadership, the EQ 360 Assessment by MHS, and Checkpoint 360 by Profiles International (other 360 tools can be used if desired).  Various packages are available to complete a 360assessment including adding executive coaching to deepen and sustain learning.  We can also partner with you to complete 360's for your team and facilitate a group report to gain further insights.  Contact us for pricing!