When is an Executive Coach NOT right for you?

We hear from clients who want help with a work issue. But, they struggle with knowing where and how to get the help. And, they find “Google-ing” their questions to be largely unsatisfying.  In the professional world, it is common to look for a “coach” to help with your development. But. it is important to know you are getting a good match. Hiring a technical coach can be super helpful in the right circumstance.

Big C versus little c Coaching

Just as there is a Human Resources Department (proper noun) and human resources in every organization, there is both Coaching and coaching.  That capitalization has a lot of meaning.  Through the big-C of Executive Coaching, there is an opportunity to see growth that will change how effective a leader is within their organization. The little-c is more focused on helping you successfully execute on a project or initiative – we’ll call this “technical coaching ”. Think of this as over-the-shoulder guidance and advice on how to get from point A to point B. This often draws upon more technical experience. Examples include activities like project management, change management, strategic planning, operational effectiveness, etc.

To make this clearer, let’s look at a quick comparison:

Executive Coachingtechnical coaching
Experience and certification are a mustThe right specific experience and knowledge is critical
Often results in development of leadership and emotional intelligence skillsNarrowly focuses on a specific project or technical aspect (e.g. managing a project you have not done before)
Accelerate the leader’s development for continued growthProvide technical expertise that gives direction and mitigates risks while gaining new experiences
Benefits the organization through developing the individual long-termHelps set the direction and framework to get work done now
Big C & little c comparison

If after reading this you want to know more about Executive Coaching – check out this article: What is an Executive Coach. Side note: anyone else realize how many hyperlinks are included above? That is exactly the type of thing a technical coach would do!

A Technical coach builds your skills

While we recognize the value of Executive Coaching, technical coaching meets a very different need! Technical coaching is right when you (or your team) are taking on a new project and there is a need for a guide. Or when you need a partner, who can give recommendations leveraging experience with project management, change management, and your project.  Of course, this might lead you to google “consultant” instead. But, a consultant is likely to do the work for you, and deliver you a finished project. A technical coach is the happy medium! They are going to help you develop and build the skills by working through you. They will focus on enhancing your professional experience and skills through on-the-job development .

At HR4D, we have an Executive Coach and we have consultants. But, for our clients who have a unique need to build skills while delivering a project successfully, we apply a model of technical coaching to better meet your business and professional needs simultaneously.  A technical coach will guide you, offer recommendations and best practices, and help you successfully manage a complex project.

How can we help you?

We’ve successfully completed many past projects using technical coaching. Some examples include implementing a new HRIS/payroll system, redefining your strategic plan, planning for an upcoming acquisition, etc. We would love to chat with you about your upcoming important initiatives and see if HR4D can help you too! Let us know what kinds of initiatives and projects you and your team are tasked with delivering in 2021!

HR4D’s mission is to ensure our client organizations fulfill their visions, by adopting their goals as ours, creating solutions that are right for them, and making the people who hire us professionally successful.  Contact us to learn more!